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We cover the eight different regions in the Western United States. Each region has a particular set of needs for dust control & stabilization as well as deicing and road safety. We’ve served these areas for over a quarter of a century with quality, experience, and expertise.

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Different regions have different needs when it comes to dust control and stabilization. Whether it’s keeping dust levels low on a mining road to protect the environment or managing dust in an orchard or a vineyard to quell the growth of mites, keeping them far from your valuable produce, we have a solution.

When the cold weather comes and your roads need to be clear and free of ice, we’re here for that as well. Fight black ice and dangerous roads in neighborhoods and works sites. Keep employees and neighbors safe with our cold weather deicing solutions. Whatever the region and whatever the need, Dustbusters has the right product and the right solution.

South Dakota

From farming co-ops to rural county roads, we provide dust control and de-icing to help keep you moving.


Mines, cement plants and logging roads kick up a hefty amount of dust. Controlling that dust is important to the health, safety, and productivity of workers.


Controlling and diminishing the effects of wind erosion that can present serious obstacles to the mining and construction process.

North Dakota

Mining and oil industry dust can cause work to stop costing huge amounts of money. We control the dust, keep the work going, make workers safe and the environment healthy.


Temperatures often get too cold for regular salt and logging roads can become seriously hazardous. Our de-icing products are a must in cold weather.

Southern Idaho

De-icing and dust control are necessary for this region. Highways and rural roads for the safety of travelers and with over 23,000 miles of unpaved roads Idaho winds can cause serious damage.


De-icing and dust control are both needed in this area. For construction sites, farms and cold weather safety, we supply the materials that work.


Dust control, soil and road stabilization as well as de-icing. This region experiences significant temperature fluctuations and we provide products to handle all weather needs

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