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Our connection with the agricultural world goes even further than dust control on gravel roads. We provide products that enhance soil nutrition and add to plant nutrition for plants that need chlorides for healthy growth, photosynthesis, and disease control.   When applied to wheat, rust is suppressed, and yields improve up to 10%.  Our products are all natural, safe alternatives to chemical pest control treatments.

Cattle can develop respiratory problems from too much dust in the air, causing ranchers millions of dollars in medical costs, raising the cost of producing beef for consumers. The EPA has classified dust as a pollutant that can cause major damage to farms and ranches. 

From farm roads to fruit and nut orchards and vineyards, we have products and services that not only stabilize but enhance the agricultural industry with safe, forward-thinking solutions. 


Health & Harvest

For fruit and nut orchards, vineyards and wineries, a quality dust control program is essential. Uncontrolled dust can lead to dust mites, hitching a ride on the clothes of farmers and field hands ending up in houses, causing major problems for allergy and asthma sufferers.  Spider mites can be highly destructive to fruit trees and grape vines.   

Damage to and loss of product can be averted, and better health can be maintained by using our non-chloride dust stabilization solutions. 

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Agricultural Resources

Plant Nutrition

Magnesium Chloride is necessary for plant nutrition as it aids in photosynthesis and leaf health as well as being an enzyme activator for general plant growth and sustained health.

Agricultural Nutrition

An efficient additive for wheat, corn, and grain sorghum growers. Easily applied and protects crops from the impact a chloride deficiency can have on a yield.

Alternative to Dust-Mite Treatments

Keeping dust levels low and mites off clothes and animals. Reducing allergies and annoying bites.

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