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We find we get these questions a lot. So to make it easier, we’ve answered them for you.

Dust Control

After 48 hours, treated roads will typically weather storms for a season. When our products are applied, moisture is drawn out of the air and sued to tighten the roads. The road becomes as tight as asphalt so rain will not add to erosion or degridation.

Government studies have concluded that soil stabilization innovations are the most cost-effective dust control products, cumulative over time when compared to more traditional products.

Dust control is generally applied out of a water truck. We have people who will help you with your initial application, answer all your application questions and give helpful suggestions.


Our products certainly extend the longevity of the road bed. With most applications, under average conditions, you really don’t need to touch the road for a full year. Depending on use, maybe longer.

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