From Dust to Ice, Treat Roads Right

Stabilizing gravel roads in warm weather to de-icing when the temperatures drop, we have what it takes to keep icy roads clear and gravel roads tight. All backed by the best service in the industry.


Keeping the Dust Down

Dust Control & Stabilization

We’ll be the first to tell you it’s not rocket science. We supply the best products. DustGard is  a hygroscopic compound containing magnesium chloride that draws moisture out of the air into the road surface. This makes gravel roads tight and controls the amount of dust that gets in the air. It’s simple when done right. We help you do it right.


Keeping you moving forward


Our de-icing mixture sticks to the road and stays where it’s most needed, no bouncing off into gutters.  We offer both liquids and solids, as each region can require specialized tools for their weather.

Blue Salt spreader

Breathe Easier on Gravel Roads and Driveways

Choose a natural solution for dusty driveways and gravel road

Perfect for Municipal and commercial snow removal

Ice Kicker extends the temperature and application rate of deicing salt

rodeo arenas

Dust control will make your spectator experience even better

Liquid De-icers

Add Freezgard or Freezgard + to your deicing toolbox


From aiding in the removal of struvite deposits and other impurities in water treatment plants to keeping portapotties from freezing up in cold weather, we’ve been a major factor in the industrial world with our compounds and excellent service for over 30 years.


On farms and in vineyards our products help to provide nutrients to plants and control the amount of dust that gets into the air due to working machinery. Controlling dust also means controlling dust mites that can damage crops and be costly to farmers and viticulturists.


Covering The Western United States

The Best Service Always

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