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Rock salt has always been the go-to for road de-icing. Problem is rock salt bounces. This means large portions of de-icing power are on the sides of the road or on the shoulders not on the road where it needs to be. Our enhanced salt products are better than regular rock salt because they are fast acting, stick to the road and are bright blue so you know where you’ve put them down. They also perform better in severely low temperatures which is not always true for rock salt and other de-icing agents. We’ve created a better de-icing salt that works faster, holds better and performs under harsh conditions. Ice free roads are safe roads. Safe roads save lives.


De-Icing with IceKicker

IceKicker’s specially formulated additive KickStarts the brining process helping you cut snow and ice faster than before!

IceKicker reduces corrosion by 50% and saves on equipment costs.

IceKicker’s blue color helps emphasize where crews have been and what roads are safe.

IceKicker melts the most snow and ice period! At 15 degrees, one pound of IceKicker will melt 30% more ice than other salts. Every minute counts when it comes to safety.

FreezGard and freezgard+

Add FreezGard to your
de-icing toolbox

Providing safe roads during the toughest winter storms requires more than an ordinary deicer. That’s why we’ve created FreezGard, the leading high-performance anti-icing liquid on the market. Transportation departments across the country trust FreezGard to create the safest roads with its unsurpassed low-temperature performance and superior melting capacity.

FreezGard is an environmentally friendly solution made from 100% natural minerals from the Great Salt Lake.

Prevents snow and ice from bonding to the pavement.  A safe solution for concrete and equipment, minimizes spalling and scaling.  Reduces the need for sand and gravel and their associated spring cleanup.  

Flexibility with uses in anti-icing, pre-wetting and salt/sand pile treatment.


De-Icing Where It's Needed

In regions that require ice-free road solutions in colder weather, we’ve got the solution. We combine ease of procurement with fast, dependable delivery right to your desired location. Even before winter comes, we can get our specialized de-icing products directly to regions that experience harsh winter weather so they’re prepared before the weather turns rough. North Dakota, Southern Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming are just a few regions that experience frigid, snowy winters with storms that can sometimes materialize in under an hour. Being prepared ahead of time for these conditions is not only safe, but it’s also cost-efficient. Getting you the right de-icing product in a timely fashion is important to us. Call and ask us about products and delivery, we’ll help you get prepared for the winter.

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FreezGard Ci+

Corrosion inhibited Deicing, anti-icing, in the coldest of cold. Locally sourced from the Great Salt Lake. good to zero degrees F and below.

FreezGard Ci+ Lite

Remains active, in liquid form, even in sub-zero temps. Keeping roads ice-free and stable.

FreezGard Zero

Especially effective for deicing and anti-icing. It remains active at cold temperatures while minimizing precipitates down to zero degrees Fahrenheit.

Bulk Highway De-icing Salt

Perfect for big jobs such as highways and on and off-ramps. Stays on the road keeps ice off the road. Blended with an anti-caking agent for easy flow. All-natural.

Packaged MgCl2 and Salts

Works on contact, penetrating through ice and snow quickly. Safe for contact with people, animals, lawns, and concrete. Unique shape, effective results.


Simply melts more ice. At 15 degrees, 1 pound of this melts 30% more than other salts. Reduces corrosion by 50%. Specially formulated additives kick-start the melting process.

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