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Industrial Resources

Water Treatment

Magnesium Chloride pulls heavy metals out of wastewater, it is also used to decolorize and remove odors and for erosion protection.

Railcar & Trailer Side Release Agents

Creating that critical barrier, allowing for easy, quick release without binding and sticking. Avoids loss of productivity and enhances clean-up.

Portable Toilet Anti-Icing

MgC12 solution or crystals are the right materials to winterize a portable toilet. In the right proportion, this keeps things liquid down below zero.


Keeping Events Uneventful

When you supply portable toilets to outdoor events you have enough on your mid with logistics, the last thing you need to worry about is the portable units freezing up and causing headaches for the client and event goers. We have products that keep portable toilets from freezing in cold weather and sanitary all the time. Don’t be the reason for bad reviews at an event, give us a call and we’ll give you a solution.

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