Dustbusters is based in Evanston Wyoming.  We supply products used as de-icers and dust control in the Western U.S.  


Dustbusters is a company that specializes in dust abatement on dirt roads. We have over 25 years of experience in the management of dust control. We concentrate mainly on dirt roads for counties and surface mine roads, but have done many other projects including work for the Forest service. Parking lots, machine yards, you name it and we can tell you if it can be done. We also have anti-ice and de-icer products available.


Advantages of Dust Control

  1. Reduce the amount of maintenance required of the road surface
  2. Reduce the amount of maintenance on vehicles
  3. Improves the road surface  
  4. Drastically reduces the amount of dust from the road 
  5. Environmentally safe and non toxic

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